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      The Orator. "Great in the midst of difficulties, by that consummate prudence, that solid judgment, that presence of mind, that breadth and elevation of thought, which he retained to the last moment of his life,"La Salle guessed the cause of their fright; and, in order to confirm their delusion, he drew with charcoal, on the trunks of trees from which he had stripped the bark, the usual marks of an Iroquois war-party, with signs for prisoners and for scalps, after the custom of those dreaded warriors. This ingenious artifice, as will soon appear, was near proving the destruction of the whole party. He also set fire to the dry grass of the prairies over which he and his men had just passed, thus destroying the traces of their passage. "We practised this device every night, and it answered very well so long as we were passing over an open country; but on the thirtieth we got into great marshes, flooded by the thaws, and were obliged to cross them in mud or water up to the waist; so that our tracks betrayed us to a band of Mascoutins who were out after Iroquois. They followed us through these marshes during the three days we were crossing them; but we made no fire at night, contenting ourselves with taking off our wet clothes and wrapping ourselves in our blankets on some dry knoll, where we slept till morning. At [Pg 196] last, on the night of the second of April, there came a hard frost, and our clothes, which were drenched when we took them off, froze stiff as sticks, so that we could not put them on in the morning without making a fire to thaw them. The fire betrayed us to the Indians, who were encamped across the marsh; and they ran towards us with loud cries, till they were stopped halfway by a stream so deep that they could not get over, the ice which had formed in the night not being strong enough to bear them. We went to meet them, within gun-shot; and whether our fire-arms frightened them, or whether they thought us more numerous than we were, or whether they really meant us no harm, they called out, in the Illinois language, that they had taken us for Iroquois, but now saw that we were friends and brothers; whereupon, they went off as they came, and we kept on our way till the fourth, when two of my men fell ill and could not walk."

      [194] Relation des Dcouvertes; Frontenac to the King, N. Y. Col. Docs., ix. 147. A memoir of Duchesneau makes the number twelve hundred.

      [36] Recueil de ce qui s'est pass en Canada depuis l'anne 1682; Observations on the State of Affairs in Canada, 1689, N. Y. Col. Docs., IX. 431; Belmont, Histoire du Canada; Frontenac au Ministre, 15 Nov., 1689. This detachment was commanded by Lieutenant de la Rabeyre, and consisted of fifty French and thirty Indian converts.

      he had before derived his authority from the seigniors of the island, he now derived it from the governor-general. It was a movement in the interest, of centralized power, and as such was cordially approved by LavalThe records of the Council preserve a guarded silence about this affair. I find, however, under date 20 Sept., 1663, Pouvoir a M. de Villeray de faire recherche dans la maison dun nomm du Mesnil des papiers appartenants au Conseil concernant Sa Majest; and under date 18 March, 1664, Ordre pour louverture du coffre contenant les papiers de Dumesnil, and also an Ordre pour mettre lInventaire des biens du Sr. Dumesnil entre les mains du Sr. Fillion.

      should be the increase of the colony; and on this point you

      [348] Adam Hoops to Governor Morris, 3 Nov. 1755.

      [217] Relation de Godefroy, in Shea, Bataille du Malangueul (Monongahela).


      [136] Letters of Nicholson, Dudley, and Vetch, 20 June to 24 October, 1709.



      [148] The summons and the instructions to Jumonville are in Prcis des Faits.[548] Procs de Bigot, Cadet, et autres, Mmoire pour Messire Fran?ois Bigot. Compare Mmoires sur le Canada, 1749-1760.