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      "Well, don't gape at me. You know you have."

      "I know you have, and I promise you nothing of this kind shall ever happen again."


      "How am I to know that, Squire? You can't kip the young man in a prammylator. Now if he wur had up before the magistrate and sent to prison, it 'ud be a lesson as he'd never disremember."On the doorstep Reuben was greeted by Tillywhere was George? He had not been in to supper.

      Holgrave, however, considering it better not to irritate the baron by a refusal, at length consented that Margaret should accompany him, and they quitted the cottage together.

      He was leading her away from the people, to the back of the stalls. He was nearly as miserable and aghast as she. For he had become extraordinarily fond of her during those few weeks, and the thought of losing her turned him cold. He had been a fool to bring her to the Fair.


      TO: Fred Ramsbotham



      "But all ladies are proud, mother! I warrant she is not prouder than another."So now was it strange that clashing with his sorrow, and his regretful love for one who, if he had never truly loved him, had always treated him with generosity and kindness, there should be a soaring sense of freedom and relief?a consciousness of standing on the edge of a boundless plain after years of confinement within walls? For Reuben was master now. Odiam was hisand the future of Odiam. He could follow his own will, he could take up that challenge which Boarzell Moor had flung him five years ago, when he fought and was flogged because he loved the red gaping clay between the gorse-stumps.