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      Oh! said Esmeralda, with puzzled surprise; then why did we want this carriage and these two men?

      As I wrote and told you, Lilias, nothing is settled, he said, gravely; and Lilias smiled, as Lord Selvaine had done.

      Wir sind, wir sind, zur Stelle."

      "I was getting tired and old, sir; and I had saved enough money to furnish a small house; and my sister, Mrs. David, being a widow without chick or child, wanted me to join her in a lodging-house at the seaside. She's a beautiful cook, is my sister, much better than ever I was. So perhaps I was over-persuaded: and here I am. What's done cannot be undone, Captain Martin; but if ever Mrs. Disney should be ill or in grief or trouble, and she should want me, I'll go to her without an hour's loss of time. I can never forget that she is your wife, and that she was a kind mistress to me."

      Too late! he echoed, mechanically."Do you really care for me?"


      Lady Wyndover looked at her curiously. The girls face vibrated strangely; her eyes were bright; her usually ivory-white face had taken to itself a rose-like flush.



      The school? said Esmeralda. No, there isnt any school. It was Dan MacGraths drinking saloon.