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      The boys stood on the banks of the Ohio River and gazed eagerly at the other side. There was the enemy's countrythere the theater in which the great drama was being enacted. Everything there had a weird fascination for them, as a part of, or accessory to, the stupendous play. It was like peeping under the circus tent, when they were smaller, and catching glimpses of the flying horses' feet.The Recruits Lined up on the Platform. 186

      "I shall do nothing of the kind," said the Aid sternly. "Don't you dare approach me in that w-ay. Go back to your duties at once. I shall punish you for disrespect to me and threatening an officer. Fall back, sir, I tell you."

      "Halt and surrender, you barrel-headed, splayfooted son of a sardine. Come along with me, or I'll blow that whole earthquake rig offen you."A tiny white-haired woman stood there, her mouth one thin line of disapproval. "Well," she said. "Having a good time?"

      "Better let me try my hand," said the Deacon. "You've bin away from the farm for so long you've probably lost the knack. I'm a famous milker."Their battering-ram cleaned off the rest of those still pommeling Shorty, and drove back those who were swarming in the door.


      "But s'posin' a rebel runs at you with his bayonet," expostulated Harry Joslyn, "oughtn't you to know how to ward him off and settle him?"


      "I tell you we're union soldiers," repeated Si. "Can't you tell that by our clothes?"Si clutched his partner in his excitement and said, "Shorty, did you hear that? I'm to be sent back to Injianny. Ain't that what he said?"


      Billings, with scowling face, picked up his hat, buttoned his coat, and walked out.