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      Nothing, Dick said dejectedly. We ought not to have left that thing unguarded.

      Nobody here, he reported, and investigated, by climbing in the vacant part of the fuselage toward the tail.

      Only the raucous cry of a seagull cut into that chill silence!

      In the latter were some strings of dried apples, a pile of crescents of dried pumpkins, a sack of meal, a few hands of tobacco, and a jug of buttermilk.

      "Say, this is great this 's like livin', ain't it?""'Twouldn't be right to burn it, Pap," said Si, who better understood the rigidity of his father's principles. "It'd do a mighty sight o' good somewhere."


      And arent you taking any hint from the yellow tones? Sandy demanded.Another hundred yards. Still no bullet from the rifle-pits, no canister from the forts.


      He hastened forward to the fence, grabbed up Si's gun and handed it to him and then climbed into the other saddle.


      Shorty and si Are at Outs. 110"Hold on, men," shouted the Lieutenant; "you are certainly not going to abandon your officer?"