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      "Allegra, and the boy! Must we take them, do you think, love?"Just then her mother died after a short illness, which was a great shock to her; she had lived with or near her for many years since the death of her second husband, and had been the object of her devoted care.

      She called to him from the window, and he came tramping across the sodden grass and put three letters into her outstretched hand.

      All Mr. Colfox's friends agreed that with such an opening the high road to literary fame and fortune would have been made smooth for his feet. They respected him even for this disappointment. To have been accepted by Blackwood made him almost a colleague of George Eliot.

      Allegra had other models, village children, and village girlsher beauty-girl, a baker's daughter with a splendid semi-Greek face, like Mrs. Langtry's, whom she dressed up in certain cast-off finery of her own, and painted in her genre pictures, now in this attitude, and now in that, imparting an air of distinction which elevated the Cornish peasant into a patrician. She it was, this baker's fair-haired daughter, who stood for Allegra's successful picture"A daughter of the gods, divinely tall," a little bit of finished painting which had brought the painter five and thirty guineasboundless wealth as it seemed to herand ever so many commissions.

      Or, coutez, petits et grands,



      Mrs. Disney blushed to the roots of those soft tendril-like curls which clustered about her forehead; but she said never a word. She had no occasion to tell them the history of that meeting in the rain, or of those many subsequent meetings which had drifted her into almost the familiarity of an old friendship. They might take credit to themselves for having made her acquainted with their star if they liked. She had seen plenty of smart people at Dinan in those sunny summer months when visitors came from Dinard to look at the old quiet inland city. Lostwithiel's rank had no disturbing influence upon her mind. It was himselfsomething in his look and in his voice, in the mere touch of his handan indescribable something which of late had moved her in his presence, and made her faintly tremulous at the sound of his name."And is that all?"


      I do not believe one word of your opinions. I am like Molire, I would rather appeal to my servant, but as she is not here I will, if you do not object, ask that young man, who does not look like a flatterer: he will tell us the truth. And turning to him, she saidFor nearly two years he had been moving about with his company in the land of jungle and mountain, and in[Pg 77] that vast table-land through which the Salween river runs down to the Gulf of Martaban; and after those wider horizons, he found himself in a narrow road, shut in by grassy hills, and hugging the margin of a silver thread that called itself a river.