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      What beautiful trees! And the road, it is like a garden path, like those paths in Kensington Park. When the palace came in view she uttered no sound, but her eyes opened, and her lips parted with wonder and amazement. Lady Wyndover, also, was startled and surprised by the vastness and beauty of the place, though she, of course, had heard and read of it.

      My father is dead, he replied. Does your father live here?

      She laughed, and stuck a flower in his button-hole, and leaned back, with her head on one side, to view the effect.This was about a week after her arrival, and she sallied out next morningmuch to the amazement of the house-maid, who was cleaning the stepsand made her way into the park.

      And thats not all. He had married me for my money, but all the while there was some one else. Oh, Varley! Varley! She hid her face in her hands and her slight figure shook.

      Is he very ill, Melinda? she asked in a whisper.

      Nothing, said Varley, languidly. I want eighteen pence to pay a man whos hard up.Lady Ada laughed.


      Will you introduce me to Miss Chetwynde, Lord Trafford?


      The service commenced; it was as elaborate and ornate as a full choir, enthusiastic organist, and a famous bishop could make it, and the spectators felt almost as if they were assisting at a state ceremony.


      There were no triumphal arches, but groups of the Belfayre people were gathered by the road-side and round the gates. The bells had been set ringing, and men were standing on the tower with the flag-ropes in their hands, ready to hoist it the moment his grace the duke should cross the threshold. A hearty welcome awaited them, and the good folks were just as eager to see Esmeralda as Trafford himself.The duke was not present at dinner, but he came into the drawing-room afterward for half an hour, and witnessed Esmeraldas little triumph, and nodded and smiled at her as she left her court of admirers, and seating herself beside him, talked to him of their drive in her frank, unaffected way.