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      Yes, he had heard, perhaps, for he drew up his horse suddenly by the road-side, a little way beyond the town. A man opened the door and sprang in, breathless after running. It was Lostwithiel.

      She opened her eyes upon him, and they glowed with girlish pleasure.

      One of the men cursed the Dead-Letter office.

      That was delicious, she said. I dont wonder at people looking so happy at balls! But isnt it hot?



      Lady Wyndover emitted a kind of moan.


      I am delighted that you dont dance, Miss Chetwynde, he said, and his voice had a penetrating tone which matched his eyes, because I dont dance myself, and we can sit out, and watch other people getting hot. Selfish, you think? We men are all selfish, you know.You mean a good marriage? said Lord Selvaine.