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      RaldaI mean, Miss Howard! he stammered, with a note of glad surprise in his voice.

      She was at last in the heart of that London of which she had heard. She seemed to be in a dream.

      "No one is first but you."

      A kind of Belle Sauvage, I suppose?"Then I shall not go," she exclaimed. "Do you think me one of the incapable young women of the old schoolunable to earn a sixpence, and wanting to be paid for and taken care of like a child? I would have you to know, sir, that I am one of the young women of the new school, who travel third-class, ride on the tops of omnibuses, and earn their own living."

      Give it to me.It was soon solved. As they gently raised the body to lay it on the same bed where her master, and so many of his race had slept their last sleep before her, a folded paper dropped from her clasped hands, and fell at Bergan's feet. He picked it up, glanced at it, and laid it on the desk without a word. There was that in his face, however, which made Hubert also look at it; and straightway he held it up to view with the triumphant exclamation:


      No, I never heard of him, said Varley Howard in his listless way. Who was he, anyhow?


      "Troublesome! My dearest, can anything be troublesome to me if it can but give you pleasure? You shall see Romenot oncebut again and again, in the course of a long and happy life, I hope. I am more than twenty years older than you; but I count upon at least thirty years more upon this planet, before I blow out my candle and say 'Bon soir.'"


      You wouldnt find it. Go back into the dining-roombut dont have any more champagne, said Trafford, and he laughed.In a minute, she replied, calmly. It is beautiful out here, and it makes me think of the country, as you Londoners call places outside.