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      53Happily the burgomaster intervened, and, as I heard later, got him released.

      How did it get there? repeated Sandy, stunned.He tried.

      Stick back from neutral, after leveling off for a bare two seconds to regain flying speed, and they climbed, the engine roaring, Jeff nodding but making no comment through the speaking tube he still used. Dick shouted a hurrah! Sandy joined him.

      Well, theres a clothes cupboardin the back corner, Dick said. Lets look in that, you and I. Sandy, you stay back and keep watch. Dick, quick to see Larrys attitude toward Sandy, wanted to have a dependable chum at his side as he investigated while he hoped to give Sandy more confidence by leaving him in the lighted part of the building, under the smudged, dusty skylight.


      They thought very well of the idea.


      Such tools consist of a combination of cutting edges, all of which may be said to depend on each one; because if one breaks, the next in order will have a double duty to perform, and will soon followa reversal of the old adage, that 'union is strength,' [142] if by strength is meant endurance.