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      "Can it be?" said Holgrave, as he looked before him at the castle, which the tapers revealed"Can it be, that the lord of this castle and I are the sons of the same heavenly Father? Can the same God have created us?and is his child to live and grow to manhood, that he may trample on his fellow men, as his father has trampled on me? Is this to go on from generation to generation, and the sons to become even worse than the fathers?No!" said he, pausing; "I have no childMargaret must forgive meI have only a worthless life to forfeit." He paused again. "I will attempt it!" he said, vehemently"he can but hang me; and if I succeed, the noble blood they think so much of may yet" Holgrave suffered the sentence to remain unfinished, and he rushed towards the castle.

      "Who is there?"Immediately behind the cart walked Reuben with his mother on his arm. Her face was hidden in a clumsy black veil, which the Rye mantua-maker had assured her was the London fashion, and she was obviously ill at ease in the huge black shawl and voluminous skirts which the same fashion, according to the Rye mantua-maker, had decreed. Her hand pulled at Reuben's sleeve and stroked it as if for comfort. It was a smallish hand, and wonderfully soft for a farmer's wifebut then Mary Backfield had not lived like an ordinary farmer's wife. Under the thick veil, her face still had a certain soft colour and youthfulness, though she was nearly forty, and most women of her position were wrinkled and had lost their teeth by thirty-five. Also the curves of her figure were still delicate. She had been cherished by her husband, had done only light household work for him and borne him only two children. She carried the tokens of her happiness in smooth surfaces and soft lines.

      "Hang it all, Coalbran, we don't know it's his son. But we do know it's his wheat. Good God, sirif only you'd kept your confounded self out of politics"

      But her mind was too dim even for regrets. Instead, she seemed to see herself dancing with Reuben at Boarzell Fair, when the dusk had been full of strange whirling lights, whispers, and kisses."Welcome," she said, and laughed.


      A machine could have done the job very easily, but machines were expensive. An Albert could be taught in a week.The anthem crashed gaily into their sorrow, and grasping the hymn-sheet they sang together.



      From thenceforward there was no looking back. Preparations for the wedding began at once. Old Gasson was delighted, and dowered his girl generously. As for Naomi, she gave herself up to the joys of bride-elect. Her position as Reuben's betrothed was much more important than as Harry's. It was more definite, more exalted, the ultimate marriage loomed more largely and more closely in it. She and Reuben were not so much sweethearts as husband and wife to be. Their present semi-attached state scarcely counted, it was just an unavoidable interval of preparation for a more definite relationship.The masters can't quite rid themselves of the idea that beings which react so much like people may really (in spite of everything, in spite of appearance, in spite of laws and regulations and social practices) be people, after all, in everything but name and training.