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      "Is it at midnightin the gloamingin the chill, mysterious dawn? You won't answer! Shall I guess? If you are like me, it is in broad daylightbetween two and three in the afternoonwhen the servants are all idling after their dinner, and the house is silent. You are alone in a big, bright room, perhaps, with another room opening out of it, and a door a long way off. You sit writing at your table, and you feel all at once that the room is hauntedthere must be something or some one stealing in at that remotest door. You daren't look round. You go to the window and look out into garden or streetfor a town house may be just as ghastly as a country oneand then with a great effort you turn slowly round and face your terror, in the broad, garish sunlight, in the business hours of the day. There is nothing there, of course; but the feeling has not been the less vivid. I know I shall be spectre-haunted at the Mount. You must all come and scare away the shadows. Mr. Colfox, are you fond of billiards?"Tho sea was darker than when she fell asleep. There was the dull crimson of a stormy sunset yonder, behind the jutting promontory of Bordighera, while the sky above was[Pg 244] barred with long, black clouds, and the wind was howling across the great deep valley like an evil spirit tortured and imprisoned, shrieking to his gods for release. Exactly opposite her, as she stood in the deep cleft of the hills, a solitary vessel was labouring under press of canvas towards the point upon whose dusky summit the chapel of the Madonna della Guardia gleamed whitely in the dying day. The vessel was a schooner yacht, of considerable tonnage, certainly larger than the Vendetta.

      The following afternoon she was sitting alone in the drawing-room, Lady Wyndover having gone out, when Lord Trafford was announced. He came in, looking rather grave and very aristocratic in his long frock coat. Esmeralda greeted him with her usual frankness.

      She obeyed instantly. He went with her to the foot of the stairs, and when she had disappeared, he stood and looked round him. And in his minds eye, he saw a greasy Jew lolling in the carved oak chair, with the tattered flags above him, and the faces of the dead and gone Belfayres looking down from the wall at the vulgar usurper.

      You must take your habit with you, he said; and I will choose a horse for you, and I will send down this pair, so that you can ride and drive as often as you please. We must try and make you happy."I didn't hear him say anything very much out of the common," said Mrs. Crowther, in her matter-of-fact way.

      "Because you are only too dutiful. Would you resist if I were to turn tyrant, I wonder?"

      This confidential talk between the two women, observed by Mrs. Baynham out of the corner of her eye, augured well; but Mr. Crowther had not left off glaring, and a glare in those protruding eyeballs was awful. He usurped the hearthrug, as he laid down the law about the political situation and the impending ruin of the country.Lady Wyndover exclaimed with mingled joy and triumph; and Lord Selvaine took Esmeraldas hand and kissed it.



      Nor is it, said Lady Wyndover. It is only in the next streetMount Street.


      He stood for a moment or two with bowed head, his breath laboring, his face dark.