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      No, no! said Esmeralda. It is the heart they sent me from Three Star! I have lost it.

      There was a suggestion in this last bit of history, which Diva was quick to notice. She had the coffin disinterred, and satisfied herself that the body therein contained was not that of the man whom she had married,albeit, she found on its chill finger a ring which she had given him, and saw that there were some striking similarities of height, complexion, and color of hair and eyes. She needed no further proof that Earle Roy and Edmund Roath were one and the same, and she believed that he still lived, answering to the dead man's name, and playing his part, on some distant stage. However, she took care that her actions should express quite the contrary conviction; she caused the re-interment to be so arranged as to suggest an intended removal; she generously requited every kindness shown to the invalid; finally, she put on deep widow's weeds, and sickened to feel them so appropriate. She had a sombre intuition that Edmund Roath was dead to her. Nothing remained of him but his backward shadow on her heart and life. The places that had known him grew dim and tomb-like. The wealth which had doubtless been his main object, became worthless in her eyes. The chill materialism with which he had imbued her mind, in place of the more rationalistic creed of her father, made all things ring hollow to her touch. The charm of Italy was gone; its sky had faded, its atmosphere was as heavy with the weight of a dead Past as her own heart. She longed for a new sky above, new earth below, new air to breathe, a new life to live. She longed, too,poor, empty heart! poor, hungry soul!for something to love and to reverence, though she was scarcely conscious of it; she knew only that she had a deep thirst which nothing quenched."Don't try my patience too far," rejoined the doctor, menacingly. "I have just seen Mr. Tatum, and he told me of the will, and named you as one of the witnesses."

      But no one wanted any more faro. Playing for a live child had exhausted even their capacity for excitement.

      Ten, said Esmeralda, promptly but quietly."Isola's coughing fit has upset me more than it has her," he said; "I'm not fit company for any one, so I think I'll go for a tramp somewhere, and meet you later at dinner, when I've recovered my spirits a little."

      Esmeraldas heart beat tumultuously. His voice, his mannernow so full of life and spiritaffected her strangely. She could not look at him, but gazed straight before her; and as she lookedthrough a mist, as it wereshe saw a tall, graceful girl, with flaxen hair and blue eyes, coming toward them, on the arm of Lord Blankyre. It was the lady whom she had saved in the park.


      "No, no; we did not quarrel. I liked Tabitha very much. I was almost as fond of her as you yourself could be."


      I dont dance very often, he said. And I am glad to stand here, if you will allow me. Like you, I enjoy being a spectator.Is he one of the Howards of Suffolk? asked Norman, with interest.


      Is the duke down? he asked.