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      ma?tresses et sent dj demi engags. Dpche du 27 Oct.,Bressani speaks in another passage of tortures of a nature yet more excruciating. They were similar to those alluded to by the anonymous author of the Relation of 1660: "Ie ferois rougir ce papier, et les oreilles frmiroient, si ie rapportois les horribles traitemens que les Agnieronnons" (the Mohawk nation of the Iroquois) "ont faits sur quelques captifs." He adds, that past ages have never heard of such.Relation, 1660, 7, 8.

      ** Ibid., II. 399.

      The Deserters.The Iroquois War.The Great Town of the Illinois.The Alarm.Onset of the Iroquois.Peril of Tonty.A Treacherous Truce.Intrepidity of Tonty.Murder of Ribourde.War upon the Dead.[315] Joutel, Relation (Margry, iii. 244, 246.

      Just at that moment a voice from one of the back seats shouted: Where is Lycon? We want to see him.

      [6] Chaumonot, Vie, 55.

      "Believe in Him; keep His commandments; abjure your faith in dreams; take but one wife, and be true to her; give up your superstitious feasts; renounce your assemblies of debauchery; eat no human flesh; never give feasts to demons; and make a vow, that, if God will deliver you from this pest, you will build a chapel to offer Him thanksgiving and praise." [8]therefore he had labored for the last eighteen years to form one at La Flche, meaning to despatch its members in due time to Canada. The time at length was come. Three of the nuns were chosen, Sisters Brsoles, Mace, and Maillet, and sent under the escort of certain pious gentlemen to Rochelle, Their exit from La Flche was not without its difficulties. Dauversire was in ill odor, not only from the multiplicity of his debts, but because, in his character of agent of the association of Montreal, he had at various times sent thither those whom his biographer describes as "the most virtuous girls to be found at La Flche, intoxicating them with religious excitement, and shipping them for the New World against the will of their parents. It was noised through the town that he had kidnapped and sold them; and now the report spread abroad that he was about to crown his iniquity by luring away three young nuns. A mob gathered at the convent gate, and the escort were forced to draw their swords to open a way for the terrified sisters.


      He begs his correspondent to send out an agent of his own. "He need not be very savant, but he must be faithful, patient of labor, and fond neither of gambling, women, nor good cheer; for he will find none of these with me. Trusting in what he will write you, you may close your ears to what priests and Jesuits tell you.LIFE AT THE FORT.


      The emigrants, then, were received with a studious courtesy, which veiled but thinly a stiff and persistent opposition. The bishop and the Jesuits were especially anxious to prevent the La Flche nuns from establishing themselves at Montreal, where they would form a separate community, under Sulpitian influence; and, in place of the newly arrived sisters, they wished to substitute nuns from the H?tel Dieu of Quebec, who would be under their own control. That which most strikes the non-Catholic reader throughout this affair is the constant reticence and dissimulation practised, not only between Jesuits and Montrealists, but among the Montrealists themselves. Their self-devotion, great as it was, was fairly matched by their disingenuousness. *