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      Thats all right, sir, Norman would say, encouragingly; and start off again, with a nod of self-satisfaction to Lilias and a whispered Got off that time; shall catch it some day, though; and serve me right.Yes, while she remains with him. God knows that she was all the world to me.

      A kind of Belle Sauvage, I suppose?I know I have a scrap or two like it somewhere, my lady, she said; and Ive seen it lately, but I cant think where. The marchioness used to wear a dress something of that color, and there were ribbons on it; but it was a long while ago, before she was married. It must be in one of the boxes that came from Grosvenor Square.

      "He's bleeding!" moans Constance, very white. But Kincaid softly explains in his hollowed hands:

      Yes, Lilias, he said. Mr. Helby has been speaking plainly, and like most plain speeches, it has hurt. I must go up to town to-morrow morning early.At a corner of these grounds closest to the railway station stood a quiet hotel from whose eastern veranda it was but a step to the centre of a sunny shell-paved court where two fountains danced and tinkled to each other. Along its farther bound ran a vine-clad fence where a row of small tables dumbly invited the flushed visitor to be inwardly cooled. By a narrow gate in this fence, near its townward end, a shelled walk lured on into a musky air of verdurous alleys that led and misled, crossed, doubled, and mazed among flowering shrubs from bower to bower. Out of sight in there the loiterer came at startling moments face to face with banks of splendid bloom in ravishing negligee--Diana disrobed, as it were, while that untiring sensation-hunter, the mocking-bird, leaped and sang and clapped his wings in a riot of scandalous mirth.

      Yes, said Esmeralda, when he was in luck we had plenty of thingsfruit and wine from Melbourne, and new clothes; when he wasnt in luckwell, we didnt.


      Yes, said Esmeralda; I should like a beefsteak, a big one, and some potatoes, and a custard pudding, with currants in it, and any little trifle of that kind suited to an invalid with a huge appetite; but I suppose it will be the usual beef-tea and the piece of toast. You wait a little while. Ill have my revenge. Ill shut you up in a hut, and feed you on beef-tea for a few weeks, and then Ill ask you if there is anything you fancy, you cruel old woman!


      Thence Irby galloped to Bartleson's tent, returned to Callender House, dismounted and came up the steps. There stood Anna, flushed and eager, twining arms with the placid Flora. "Ah," said the latter, as he offered her his escort home, "but grandma and me, we--"


      "Just a piece or two," insisted Anna. "Barely enough to borrow the amount." She backed away, Flora clinging to her fingers and faltering: "No, blessed angel, you must not! No, I will not wait. I'll--I'll--"