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      We have as yet confined our observations to the bondmen; but in 1381, an act of ill-judged policy of the nine nobles and prelates who formed the council of young Richard gave rise to a sort of coalition among the lower classes. This act was the famous tax of three groats upon every individual who had attained the age of fifteen. The hearth-money, which had been enforced by the Black Prince upon the inhabitants of Guienne, and which had probably formed the precedent for this tax, had not worked well, and there appeared little chance that the present exaction, framed as it was by those who directed the royal councils, would work better. Certain wealthy individuals contracted with the government for the collection of the tax, and private rapacity thus rendered the imposition more obnoxious than it otherwise might have been.

      Farewell, farewell, you jolly young girls!

      "Nonsense," said Reuben, resenting her manner.

      "Oh Lard! perhaps I'd better bolt fur it.No, I'll square him out. You'll stand by me, Tilly?""Hush! Hush! Oh! for the life of my husband, say not so!" The sternness of the monk's countenance gradually softened as he gazed upon his agonized sister, and, after the space of a minute he said, in a calm voice:

      She flushed at his audacity.

      Well, I hope youll not say or do anything to put him off, she said, the practical side of the question claiming her. Im sure its high time Alice was married, and never yet has she taken to a young man as shes taken to Mr Silverdale.


      "My lord abbot," replied Skipwith, bowing to the priest, "the writ you speak of has been recalled; a chancery messenger was here not three days since."



      Now he found himself thrown into a kind of dazzle by Alice Jury. He could not explain it. Her personal[Pg 214] beauty was negligible"a liddle stick of a thing," he called her; their conversation had been limited almost entirely to her tactless questions and his forbearing answers."That act," replied Horton, hastily, "relates to local magistrates."